Since its Memorial Day 2010 completion, the Navarre Beach Fishing Pier has been celebrated as the longest fishing pier extending into the Gulf of Mexico. The pier  features concrete piles and an octagonal-end design with a surface area of approximately 3,800 square feet. The pier was constructed using more than 370 breakaway wood panels, which would detach during heavy wave  action and help preserve the integrity of the structure, reducing possible storm repair costs. With a surface area exceeding 32,000 square feet, the pier offers fishermen ample space to angle 30 feet above sea-level.

The pier’s deck was renovated in 2014 and provides more space to enjoy with family and friends. Inside the pier store, fishermen  can find the odds and ends they may have left behind, as well as souvenirs, food and drinks. There is also occasionally live music during the summer, but regardless, the pier provides views of the Gulf and all its wildlife like nowhere else.

Fishing: $7

Spectators / Walkers:  $1

Weekly and annual passes available



• No running on pier

• No sitting or standing on rail

• No pets allowed

• No jumping off pier

• No glass containers

•No camping or cooking allowed

• No fish of any kind left on pier

• No fish cleaning tables on pier

• No lights allowed

• No Sabiki rigs allowed on octagon



5 a.m. to 11 p.m.


Place all trash in containers.  All tackle except one rod and reel, ice chest, carts, etc., must stay in the center of the octagon at the  end of the pier.


Navarre Beach Fishing Pier
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